Engagement Improves Sales and Satisfaction

As a part of a comprehensive concessions program, Fraport USA regularly develops and implements a number of customer engagement initiatives at our airport properties.

Customer Service Training: Fraport USA places heavy emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service – at the counter, on the retail floor, at the bar or alongside the table. Our marketing and promotions include formal, professional training for any customer-facing positions in the terminal. Fraport USA has developed training modules through creative and specialized strategies, focused on achieving improved customer and employee loyalty, a more efficient and productive work environment, and higher profitability. The objective is to improve service from “the inside out” with a primary focus on top management providing the proper support and tools for the front-line employees and managers to succeed.

Customer Service Incentive Programs: Fraport USA’s Quarterly Customer Service Award Program is an incentive program that rewards Fraport subtenant employees for delivering excellent customer engagement and service. The program empowers customers to share their experiences and nominate retail and food/beverage concessions employees for an award. Fellow employees and managers are also able to enter nominations when they see great customer service.

Customer Loyalty Program: Fraport USA believes in recognizing and rewarding customer loyalty and, in our airports, customers respond very favorably. Our programs work with subtenants to offer incentives to customers who frequent retail, food and beverage concessions. The rewards vary by market, but engage frequent fliers exceptionally well.