Customer Experience

Great customer experiences drive airport results.

Fraport USA puts a premium on the development of innovative, inspirational environments designed to deliver smooth passenger flow and convenient, comfortable gate experiences.

Inspired places. We see every airport as a gateway to and from a one-of-a-kind place. And we believe in its ability to make a positive, lasting impact on customers who pass through.

That’s why Fraport works closely with airport stakeholders to bring a unique, authentic sense of place to customers’ airport experiences with brilliant local food and beverage offerings, regional retail and service concessions and a host of other features that positively shape an airport encounter.

We want to surprise, delight and inspire. We want to reduce stress and ease journeys. We want to showcase the rich culture and heritage. And we want to create an environment and an experience that plays well with the past, lives well with the present and bodes well for its future.