Fraport USA has developed a people-centered approach to technology that liberates passengers from time-intensive, stress-producing traditional travel experiences and replaces them with smooth, intuitive interactions backed with human touch.

We have access to the global resources of Fraport and some of the world’s finest in-terminal technologies which address passenger needs and streamline delivery. Fraport USA leverages these resources in America to help define new standards in tech applications enhancing the passenger experience.

Our airports support dynamic wayfaring technology to integrate seamlessly with passengers’ journeys, providing
specific gate or concessions locators, directions, time to destination and other intuitive tips.

  • We work closely with the latest, most engaging app developers for smart, connected customer experiences in the concourse and at the gate.
  • We advocate advanced technology at the point of purchase to facilitate selections, speed transactions and contribute to customer convenience.
  • We incorporate experiential interactions from curb to gate that provide service, entertainment, interactivity and delight.

And we also have a keen understanding in how technology allows more focused human interaction by reducing and eliminating manual processes and unconnected information. That makes it accessible for everyone.

The result is an airport environment that brings new life and new energy to travel.