On-Site Tools

Dynamic Digital Presence

Fraport USA, together with our parent company Fraport, will work together with an airport to develop a customized package of on-site technologies that specifically target the customer needs at the airport. These could include:

LoyalTech – Loyalty Program designed for instant point availability. Very few reward programs stress local site benefits, but this does. Earn and burn points in real time – same day, same journey. Points for every purchase: F&B, retail, services, news & gifts. Easily integrates with airline and/or airport programs

Digital “Airport Shopping” – Enables travelers to use smartphone or tablet to purchase products from airport stores and have them delivered promptly. The “airport shopping” service allows passengers to preview and purchase a range of exclusive products from airport stores during their flight and collect them upon arrival.

Large-Scale Media Wall – Power of video meets the power of suggestion. Seasonal videos and event clips engage travelers with sight, sound and larger-than-life impact. Installation can drive sales and satisfaction by programming seasonal and time-of-day videos to put passengers in the proper mood with music and mixology, food and fashion, infotainment, city and regional highlights, and the kind of art and performance that makes a true statement.

Real-Meal Time Application – App allows travelers to preview restaurants and order. Pre-order at any restaurant, premium to fast casual, enhancing customer choice and eliminating wait times. Real-time application takes customers out of line and connects them to great food without the hassle.