Pittsburgh Airport Fashion

We are a company focused on one thing:  The Future of Airports.

  • Our passion is smooth, efficient terminals and bright, welcoming concourses.
  • Our style is compelling engagement and ease of travel.
  • And our legacy is the continuous reinvention of the curb-to-gate experience.

We are the experts and innovators who have helped shape modern airport travel – the pioneers who created the innovative, performance-leading concessions and retail programs in America. We are the planners and managers who bring highly efficient operations and cost-effective solutions into smoothly-run airport environments. And we are members of the Fraport Group who showcase our legacy across the world.

Our portfolio of airports illustrates the depth of experience we maintain in airports of varying sizes and business models – from business to tourism and from transfer to origin – as well as in a wide range of socioeconomic environments.

And it underscores our extraordinary foundation, capabilities and demonstrated experience to successfully develop a customer-centric plan for a bright future.