Quality Service Monitor

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: The Quality Service Monitor

We don’t stand on what others are comfortable with.

Fraport USA goes further. We ask customers, survey concessionaires, sample products and services and push the envelope in favor of a better airport experience.

One of the key satisfaction tools Fraport USA uses is our proprietary Quality of Service Monitor (QSM). We use this extremely valuable customer intercept survey to monitor and assess our customers’ experiences, and we apply the results to continuously improve.

Trained survey staff engage customers leaving stores and restaurants and ask questions to gauge their experiences and record their views of the stores they just visited. The information is then compiled and shared with each store manager directly to improve or commend service.

Fraport’s QSM survey methodology keeps the customer constantly in-focus. By providing a formalized voice of the customer, we monitor and measure our customer feedback regularly which helps us to continually improve customer satisfaction, both in the perception of the program and the service each individual unit provides.

QSM helps us to recognize trends, identify emerging customer requirements, inform our plans and service protocols and always keeps things fresh and on target.