Fraport USA Model

Better Business. Better Brands. Better Results.

Creative competition makes good things happen.

The Fraport USA (formerly Airmall) business model is well-known for its competitive independent operations and the creative, best-of-breed concepts it produces in terms of service, quality, variety, and unprecedented control for the airport.

As a developer and concessions manager – not a master concessionaire – we don’t own or operate our own brands. Instead, we work on a set of proven tenets that act as our guiding principles for airport concessions:

  • A partnership approach to airport ownership with a focus on providing visibility and insight into development planning and implementation, as well as control in the approval of leases, tenant selection, design and marketing plans.
  • A strategic mix of high-quality regional and local brands that inject authentic local flavor, provide economic opportunity to regional business owners and connect the airport to the pride of the local community with appropriate national and international brands to complete the mix.
  • A tenant support and development program that sets strict guidelines for the performance of individual operators while simultaneously empowering them to achieve success and profitability.
  • A belief that independent competition breeds better results for airport partners and airline passengers alike because, unlike constrained ownership and operation, the competitive environment generates greater choice, more value, higher quality, and ultimately greater topline revenue.
  • An absolute dedication to customer service.