Concessions Programs

Pittsburgh airport - airside terminal

More choice. More competition. More satisfaction. And more revenue for you.

Fraport USA’s creative competition model elicits the best from local, national and international brands and owners, each presenting their own unique, authentic environments.

Our global experience verifies that customers benefit when competition is strong and choice is robust.

Fraport does not own or operate concession brands, nor do we enter into joint venture agreements that put us in the competitive mix. This allows for healthy competition to drive better service, better selection and better branded concessions across the concourses.

The power of the Fraport USA model is in our ability to develop and lease directly to tenants who actively compete in a customer-focused marketplace at the airport.

Fraport offers a vast array of  Concession Opportunities for retail, hospitality, and service businesses with specialized programs for ACDBE (Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) operators and Fraport’s exclusive LaunchPad Program for micro-businesses as a gateway to the airport business environment.

By working closely with our airport partners, we develop a strategic mix of high-quality, international brands as well as regional and local brands to inject authentic local flavor and provide the right mix tailored to suit the individual needs of the airport and its customers.

The result leads the industry with air travel awards, customer accolades and some of the highest per-passenger spends in the nation.