Opportunity and Achievement: Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

Fraport USA has been the architect of one of the most successful ACDBE reputations in the nation. It stems from our belief that we share a true responsibility for the communities we represent. It’s also anchored in our daily experience that ACDBE operators enrich and enliven the passenger experience in each of our airports.

Our record and reputation highlights the value we place on the business and community benefits of our ACDBE programs. We see them in new ideas, new energy and new insights that come with a diverse representation of our regions, our financially successful airport development model, and our pursuit of an engaging, compelling passenger experience.

Fraport USA ACDBE by the Numbers

  • Leading ACDBE program since 1992
  • 22% of sales at PIT
  • 40% of sales at BWI
  • 40% of sales at CLE