Provocative Sight and Sound Experience Part of New AIRMALL® Upgrade at Pittsburgh International Airport

Travelers Enjoy the Energy and Entertainment of a New Video Wall Installation

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 29, 2014 – Two towering 19-foot video walls, wrapped around the Center Core elevator, create a brand new interactive experience for the traveling public at the AIRMALL® at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). The high-definition installations feature a full range of 90- second video vignettes that showcase the new generation of dining, shopping and lifestyle experiences that are part of the AIRMALL’s $10 million upgrade.

“This is the AIRMALL on exhibit,” explains Jay Kruisselbrink, senior vice president for AIRMALL USA. “It’s kinetic art developed around the sight and sound experience of our unique airport environment. Each of our component videos delivers on a theme at the AIRMALL – fashion-forward shopping, fun foods and tempting dining. There’s also a feature on Pittsburgh, the entrance to downtown through the tunnel, and all the excitement our region has to offer.”

The video wall is dayparted with the ebb and flow of the day and designed to change with the seasons as well. Travelers looking for a dose of morning coffee, orange juice and bacon sizzling will see appropriately themed videos for their early morning flights. Later travelers will get videos featuring delicious lunch and dinner fare, along with a hint of a cocktail or two, to ease into the afternoon and evening.

In-between videos, passengers will get a chance to meet “AIR Molly” – the cheeky personality behind the video wall. AIR Molly is the on-screen voice print that brings upbeat attitude and interactivity to the experience. She’s definitely not shy and likes to get a little personal – all in fun – to engage travelers and pull them into a little interaction.

Fifteen 50-inch flatscreen monitors on each bank make up the visual impact of each wall – five monitors high by three monitors wide. “The effect is powerful and energizing,” says Mr. Kruisselbrink. “You can see them from the top of each concourse. They light up the walkway between Concourse A and B. It’s completely unexpected and captivating.”

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