Fraport USA maintains a commitment to compliance with all laws, regulations, and our own internal code of conduct.

The employees of the Fraport Group are obliged to observe all current laws and internal guidelines. If violations occur, however, we are interested in receiving reports on this kind of misconduct. We are grateful for every information provided by employees, customers, suppliers and business partners that helps to identify and rectify such irregularities. It is the only way to prevent economic disadvantage and reputational damage for our company.

Whistleblowers reporting actual or suspected violations are in no way “informers” but help to ensure the integrity in our business processes – and, as a result, our success as airport managers. We appreciate your support.

This system should be used to report any incident related to the following aspects:

  • Corruption.
  • Robbery/ Fraud, Scam or Deceit/ Documents forgery.
  • Breach of occupational health and safety standards.
  • Breach of values and principles of Fraport USA.
  • Breach of the airport security regulations.
  • Other violations of laws.

Please read carefully the “Security Warning” instructions. Once received, a committee will assess the case and send you a reply.

To access the Electronic Report System, please click here.