AIRMALL® at BWI Marshall Partners with Greenlight Biofuels to Implement Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Program

Sustainable Concessions Practice Creates Eco-Friendly Biodiesel Fuel

BALTIMORE, December 9, 2013 – AIRMALL® USA, the leading airport concessions developer in North America and operator of the AIRMALL at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI Marshall), is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Greenlight Biofuels to implement an environmentally-friendly solution for recycling waste cooking oil from tenants in the airport’s concession program. Greenlight Biofuels is working with AIRMALL to collect and recycle waste cooking oil into biodiesel, a greener fuel alternative that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78 percent.

“We’re pleased to partner with Greenlight Biofuels to implement a responsible alternative for disposing of waste cooking oil from airport tenants,” said Brett Kelly, vice president of AIRMALL Maryland. “This recycling program is an example of how AIRMALL strives to adopt innovative and eco-friendly ideas and technologies that benefit the airport, the concessions program, and the environment.”

“Here at Greenlight Biofuels, we’re thrilled when new customers are excited about environmental responsibility and sustainability to the same degree we are,” said Jim Kingdon, president of Greenlight Biofuels. “The decision that AIRMALL has made at BWI Marshall, to recycle used cooking oil for the production of biofuels, is a testament to the role all industries can play in pushing America toward energy independence and a brighter future.”

“BWI Marshall is pleased to support this initiative, which will further improve our renowned recycling program,” said Paul J. Wiedefeld, chief executive officer of BWI Marshall. “This innovative program will benefit the environment and our concessions.”

Biodiesel meets all fuel standards established by government agencies. It is usually mixed with traditional diesel fuel and can be used in any diesel engine. On average, every 100 gallons of processed oil is equivalent to 70 gallons of biodiesel, which can offset up to 1,212 pounds of environmentally-harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

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