City of Cleveland and BAA Cleveland Appoint Chief Architectural/Engineering Firm and Construction Manager for New AIRMALL® at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Ozanne Construction and Westlake Reed Leskosky Both Have Cleveland Roots, Will Play Key Roles in Transforming Concessions at Airport

CLEVELAND, May 20, 2008 – BAA Cleveland, the newly appointed master developer of retail, food and beverage concessions at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE); and the City of Cleveland are pleased to announce the appointment of two key partners in the development of the new AIRMALL® at CLE. Westlake Reed Leskosky will act as the chief architectural/engineering firm, and Ozanne Construction will serve as the construction manager for the project.

“Today’s announcement marks another important step forward in the creation of the AIRMALL® at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which will become the gold standard of airport retail concessions once it is completed,” noted Mark Knight, president of BAA Cleveland. “BAA has exacting standards in terms of quality, design and construction for its retail development projects. In cooperation with the City of Cleveland, BAA is confident that both Ozanne Construction and Westlake Reed Leskosky are the right strategic partners to help us envision and ultimately complete the transformation of retail concessions at Hopkins.”

As the chief architectural/engineering firm, Westlake Reed Leskosky will be responsible for the final overall design plan for the AIRMALL® at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This will include the preparation of a master plan for retail spaces and:

  • The creation of design guidelines and requirements for all retail subtenants.
  • The design of food courts or food offerings in the following locations: in the main terminal, at the end of Concourse C and at the ends of Concourse D.
  • The design of new retail cores in the following locations: one adjacent to the A- and B-Pier security checkpoints; and one on Concourse D, which will include a new bar, a new restaurant, a new coffee offering and several new retail offerings.

Founded in 1905, Westlake Reed Leskosky has offices in Cleveland, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. The firm employs 130 professionals and has been recognized for design with more than 200 significant awards and publications.

As construction manager, Cleveland-based Ozanne Construction will oversee and coordinate all construction work at the AIRMALL®. Ozanne’s duties will include:

  • Performing pre-construction services, including a review of design documents, cost estimating, and bidding.
  • Construction of the new food courts and retail core shell spaces to create a signature retail environment at the new AIRMALL® at CLE.

Founded in 1956, Ozanne Construction provides construction services to the public and private sector as a general contractor, construction manager and program manager. Ozanne’s client list includes the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons, the U.S. Air Force Construction Management Division and the Army Corps of Engineers.

In February, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced that the City of Cleveland had forged a ten-year contract with BAA to develop and manage concessions at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The city anticipates that the new AIRMALL® at CLE will double retail sales figures at Hopkins over a ten-year period, double the number of concession jobs and double the current participation rate of local and minority-owned companies.