Silver Diner Takes Flight at the AIRMALL® at BWI, Reinventing Airport Dining for the Busy Traveler

Grand Opening of new Silver Diner at the AIRMALL ® at Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport held on November 15, 2007

BALTIMORE, November 15, 2007 – This fall, a Maryland restaurant concept that has reinvigorated an iconic part of Americana has begun forging its future in airport dining. BAA Maryland, operator of the AIRMALL® at Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport, has welcomed Silver Diner as the newest restaurant offering. An authentic American classic featuring traditional favorites and contemporary alternatives with contagiously friendly service in a diner “retro” setting, Silver Diner has taken off at BWI with the opening of its first airport location in the Southwest A/B Terminal. Silver Diner hosted a grand opening celebration at BWI on Thursday, November 15 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST. Special guests received a sneak peek at Silver Diner’s newest location and sampled some favorites from Silver Diner’s extensive menu.

“With Silver Diner’s new BWI location, we are reinventing the concept of dining at the airport for travelers on the go,” noted Bob Giaimo, founder, president, and CEO of Silver Diner. “We intend to introduce this concept in airports across the country in the coming years.”

Reinventing Airport Dining – Convenience Plus Quality

From super-stacked burgers and All-American melts to contemporary classics, Silver Diner’s AIRMALL® location at BWI features a diverse and affordable menu with most dinners under $10 and blue-plate specials offered throughout the day. The restaurant (6,000 square feet) has three key components:

  • The Classic Diner – Full-menu, sit-down service available throughout the day that comes with a ten-minute guarantee. If a customer’s order does not arrive at the table within ten minutes of ordering, Silver Diner pays for the next meal.
  • The Retro Bar – Featuring a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits.
  • To Go – Take-out in three time segmentations so that travelers with little time can take a quality meal with them.

Silver Diner To Go’s three time segmentations are:

  • Grab-n-Go – Travelers with only two minutes to spare can select freshly made sandwiches and salads from Silver Diner’s Grab-n-Go case, which will occupy the hightraffic area just outside the restaurant. All of the Grab-n-Go selections are prepared on airport premises throughout the day.
  • Five-Minute Express – Travelers with three to five minutes can select from take-out items such as Panini-style focaccia sandwiches and thick, homemade shakes.
  • Full Carry-out Menu – People with up to ten minutes for a meal can order off the full Silver Diner menu, which means they can take a homemade hot turkey dinner on their journey.

“Airport travelers have unique needs given the time constraints they face – getting through security, getting to the gate, and getting on their way,” said Mark Russell, director of new store development for Silver Diner. “Our airport configuration gives them plenty of options to enjoy a high-quality Silver Diner meal, even if they’re on the run.”

Added Convenience and Time Savings – The Technology Factor

Before travelers arrive at the airport, they can utilize Silver Diner’s online ordering system. This allows them to place their orders before they begin their journey and pick up breakfast, lunch or dinner on their way through the terminal. Patrons at Silver Diner’s new BWI location may also place their order via an electronic kiosk, housed within the restaurant.

“We are working on plans to provide another off-premise electronic kiosk within the Southwest A/B Terminal at BWI, further ensuring that people in the airport can conveniently order a highquality Silver Diner meal,” noted Giaimo.

Inside the restaurant, passengers preparing to depart from the airport can keep track of updated flight information on Silver Diner’s electronic flight display board. The restaurant staff is also utilizing KDS technology, which times each customer’s order individually to ensure ten-minute service. Servers are armed with portable electronic keypads that communicate a table’s order directly to the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, cooks view the orders via a color-coded system, all displayed on LED monitors.

A History-Making Partnership

The Grand Opening Celebration for Silver Diner’s BWI location on Thursday, November 15 marked the culmination of a three-year process, one that involved public/private financing and a belief in the entrepreneurial spirit at the AIRMALL®. A cooperative effort between BAA USA and the State of Maryland enabled Silver Diner to capitalize on the business opportunities at the airport.

“At BAA, we have always strived to provide travelers with a wide array of high-quality retail and dining options in the AIRMALL®. It is part of our promise to the traveler – quality, variety, convenience, and ‘Regular Mall Prices Guaranteed,’” said Mark Knight, president of BAA USA, operator of the AIRMALL®. “One of the keys to this formula is to incorporate high-quality local concepts, and we are delighted to welcome Silver Diner to the AIRMALL® at BWI.”

At 6,000 square feet, the $3.5 million Silver Diner at BWI is one of the largest restaurants on airport property in the United States. It is also the prototype of what will be appearing at other airports across the country. Additional locations are slated to open in Pittsburgh International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport in 2008.

Silver Diner currently has 16 locations in Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. The Silver Diner BWI restaurant opened for business on Saturday, November 17. Hours of operation are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., 365 days a year. For more information on Silver Diner, visit For more information about the AIRMALL® at BWI, go to or