Chef Nadsa de Monteiro (The Elephant Walk) Stirs Things Up in BAA Boston’s AIRMALL® at the Dine Boston Visiting Chef Event on May 7 at 12 p.m.

Special Menu Items Focus on Cambodian and French Flavors

BOSTON, April 25, 2007 – BAA Boston, developer and manager of the AIRMALL® at Logan International Airport, continues to partner with regional favorite, Dine Boston (located presecurity in the AIRMALL® in Terminal E) to offer travelers a taste of Boston’s best cooking. Nadsa de Monteiro (from The Elephant Walk) is the latest chef to serve up new menu items as part of the Dine Boston Visiting Chef Program that showcases New England chef specialties for a three-month period. A special welcome lunch event will take place on Monday, May 7 at 12:00 p.m. at Dine Boston.

Since Dine Boston is conveniently located outside security, everyone who visits the airport (whether flying or meeting and greeting) will have the opportunity to sample Chef de Montero’s’ scrumptious fare. Chef de Monteiro is one of the top chefs in all of Boston, which means Bostonians now have one more reason to come to the airport.

“We are pleased to have local culinary greats like Nadsa de Monteiro in the AIRMALL® to prepare unique dishes that have both a Cambodian and French flare,” said Mike Caro, Vice President of Development for BAA Boston. “I am eager to try the interesting menu items that Chef de Monteiro has developed that will give the traveling public a true taste of Boston.”

The AIRMALL®, in partnership with Dine Boston, developed the Dine Boston Visiting Chef Program, in which renowned New England chefs moonlight and create a special menu. The new menu will include items such as Rouleaux, Filet de Saumon a la Crème aux Champignons et Poireaux, Poulet a la Citronnelle, Curry de Crevettes and for dessert, Le Peche au Chocolate.