BAA Boston Presents Davio’s Chef Stephen Brown to Inaugurate the AIRMALL®’s Dine Boston Vsiting Chefs Program

BOSTON, November 16, 2005 – BAA Boston, operator and manager of the AIRMALL® at Logan International Airport, has partnered with the AIRMALL®’s Dine Boston restaurant to give travelers the very best of Boston cooking. Stephen Brown, Head Chef at Davio’s, will inaugurate the Dine Boston Visiting Chef Program this month.

Chef Brown’s penchant for innovation is sure to delight all who visit Logan — Dine Boston is situated just outside of security, so meeters, greeters and travelers alike can enjoy the master chef’s culinary artwork. Chef Brown and Dine Boston’s Dave Martin will work together in the kitchen to create special menu items for travelers interested in the culinary artistry that comes with decades of experience in the finest New England restaurants.

“We are excited to have local culinary greats like Stephen Brown in the AIRMALL® to prepare dishes with a Boston flare,” said Mike Caro, Vice President of Development for BAA Boston. “I’ve been told that Chef Brown’s Crispy Corn Meal Oysters are truly unbelievable.”
The AIRMALL®, in partnership with Dine Boston, developed the Dine Boston Visiting Chef Program, in which renowned New England chefs moonlight and create a special menu. The first menu will include items like Homemade Duck & Pork Sausage and Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Roasted Corn Ragout. The program will feature one local culinary great, every two months, so that travelers can truly take a bit of Boston home with them. Recipes will be available to travelers on request.