Pizzeria Uno has Landed at the AIRMALL® in Logan International Airport

BOSTON, September 1, 2005 — Pizzeria Uno has officially opened at BAA Boston’s
AIRMALL in Logan International Airport, offering warm sandwiches, fresh salads, and the best
of their signature Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza. This latest addition to the AIRMALL’s array
of premium eateries is located at Gate 1 in Terminal D. Travelers will find the menu items are
suited for a quick bite before take-off or as an onboard meal, with speedy service to match.
“We are going to maintain the high standards that people around the country have come to
expect from Pizzeria Uno,” said Dan Hughes, general manager. “Our menu is geared towards
passengers looking for quality food on the run, from fresh and healthy salads to personal pizzas
cooked to perfection.”

Pizzeria Uno at Logan International Airport encompasses 750 square feet, and provides travelers
with beer, wine and mixed drink choices. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers
sandwiches, salads and breakfast items that can be eaten in or taken to go on the plane.
“We’re pleased to expand our award-winning mix of regional and national brands with Pizzeria
Uno,” said Mike Caro, vice president of BAA Boston, which manages concessions within the
AIRMALL. “We choose vendors based on industry knowledge and extensive feedback we
receive from the people who fly through Logan.”

Since its birth in 1943, Pizzeria Uno has grown to more than 200 locations worldwide. The
company is based in Boston, and operates in 32 states, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the
United Arab Emirates.