Seamless Success

One of Fraport USA’s greatest strengths is the ability to prepare and execute extensive phasing plans and schedules to serve passenger needs while making permanent improvements to concessions programs. Our transition programs ensure passengers have access to important goods and services – restaurants, bars, duty free and news/gift operations – while we are transitioning a concessions program and positioning it for future growth.

Strategic phasing is a critical aspect to the successful transition of an airport property. Fraport has a three-phase approach that represents critical points in transition and development, each phase staffed with the skills and expertise to ensure a smooth, seamless flow from one management structure to the next.

Our three-phase model, which can be customized, looks like this:

  • The SWAT Team, geared for immediacy, audits the development of the initial on-the-ground action plan. This team is in-place from the start and includes members who will remain during the transition phase supplemented by dedicated experts that will be on site for the hand-over of the areas.
  • The Transition Team, dedicated to the first 100 days and its immediate three-month follow-up. This team manages the first six months of transition, providing expertise in customer continuity and tenant relations.
  • The Permanent Team, assembled for the long-term with post-transition insight into the phased development of the airport and the target enhancements of revenues and the passenger experience.