Plan, Design & Build

Fast Track to the Future

Fraport USA’s core skills include world-class airport retail design, planning, and construction management with a particular expertise building in live terminal settings.

Our process relies on the clear and efficient exchange of information we facilitate between subtenants, their design teams and the airport through daily in-person, phone and e-mail communication. Acting as the intermediary between the subtenant and the airport, Fraport USA aggressively manages the plan, design and construction process to ensure that each subtenant project is fully understood and completed in a timely manner.

We follow these principles:

Time is of the essence. A smooth, innovative upgrade to the concessions program is a significant priority for airports and their customers. Making an immediate improvement to the customer experience is one of Fraport USA’s highest priorities.

Critical customer services must be maintained. Fraport serves critical passenger needs through careful construction phasing to ensure continuous access to necessary goods and services during construction while minimizing down-time of individual retail spaces.

Airport operations remain paramount. Fraport and Fraport USA have deep airport and concessions operating experience. We know how to keep facilities functioning first and foremost, before anything else we do.

Temporary services are part of the plan. Our temporary services program puts new and existing concession operators in front of construction barriers, on carts, in temporary kiosks and other areas so the public is always well served.